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Main Business Areas

Kingdee ERP

ABiC is Platinum level authorized partner of Kingdee Software in sales and service. Kingdee is a leading vendor of ERP systems in China, whose flagship product K/3 system is a mature, well performing and cost-effective system. Many internationally well-known and technically advanced foreign enterprises run K/3 to support their Chinese operations. The breadth and depth of K/3 functionalities can support the requirements from simple trading business up to a complex machine builder. Plus, K/3 system fully complies with Chinese accounting and business regulations and is maintained and supported by a vast network of service infrastructure in more than 200 Chinese cities. Already more than 800.000 companies working successful with Kingdee K/3 Accounting and ERP system.

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Applications development

For non-standard requirements, ABiC offers applications development service to help build either add-on customizations to standard ERP systems or stand-alone corporate level applications. We merge western designing qualities with developing skills in China to build high quality software and much more affordable cost.
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