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WashTec chooses ABiC

The WashTec group of companies is the leading producer of vehicle washing equipment worldwide. Washtec sets international standards for car wash systems, commercial vehicle wash systems, conveyor tunnels and self-service jet wash equipment.

WashTec Car Cleaning Equipment (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd. (WashTec China) is the subsidiary corporation of WashTec. WashTec China, together with its local partners, provides a wide array of research, purchase, production, sale and services. WashTec China is now experiencing a substantial increase of orders from Chinese market and plans to expand aggressively its scale of operations to respond to the spectacular business situation.

WashTec uses SAP to support its business and operations in Germany. WashTec wants to put in place a usable ERP system for its China operations within 4 months, as its major production capacity would be established and put into operation at the end of 2010.

WashTec was very meticulous in selecting software package and partner to help bring the management tool to run its business in China. A thorough evaluation of the degree of match between features of Kingdee K/3 system and WashTec requirements was conducted during Apr, and May 2010. WashTec also visited two references customers of Kingdee in related industry and close location.

K/3 system gave WashTec good impression especially in its supporting of MRP, Kanban and Standard Costing applications. WashTec was also satisfied with experiences and skills of ABiC consultant. The management was totally convinced that ABiC can help realize a good-performing system within 4 months period. 

The project kicked off in Jul,29.