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Mauser invites ABiC to optimize the implementation

Mauser Spezial, a German leading producer of industrial sewing machine and formerly PFAFF Industrial Machinery (Taicang) Co.,Ltd, partnered with ABiC information systems (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd. (as service provider) to optimize the implementation of Kingdee K/3 ERP system.

Mauser Spezial runs a sewing machine plant in Taicang, and currently uses Kingdee K/3 system with the application scope of financial accounting and warehouse management. By deepening the application of implemented modules and expanding to manufacturing planning and production costing areas, Mauser intends to capitalize on the ERP system to further improve the management of manufacturing process, as well as visualize and control the production costing.

Kingdee K/3 is a well-known Chinese local ERP system which is widely used by SME German companies as a tool to support and manage their production operations. ABiC (, a German company formed in 2009, dedicates to provide procurement, implementation and maintenance service for Kingdee ERP system.