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Resource and Technology

ABiC offers software applications development service for either add-on customizations to standard ERP systems or stand-alone corporate level applications. Our professional design team consists of highly-intelligent and experienced professionals with multi-lingual skills to ensure applications designing quality. Then, our Chinese development team delivers the design at affordable cost and good value-for-money for customers. The development process adheres to professional procedures to ensure requirements are precisely captured, blueprinted and delivered.

By taking advantage of Kingdee’s development platform, named Kingdee BOS, master data, business transaction forms and reports can be efficiently created. Kingdeee BOS can be used to develop both stand-alone applications and add-on features to standard Kingdee package.

The add-on features built on BOS can be well integrated into existing structure of Kingdee K/3 system. Meanwhile BOS platform minimizes the trouble of system upgrade as the platform can be automatically upgraded with the add-on customization remaining unchanged when Kingdee system upgraded to higher versions.