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Settlement Center/e-Settlement



Kingdee K/3 Settlement Center is intended for capital managers in the group settlement center, internal bank, and financial company. The module provides the functions such as capital planning, capital settlement, investment, financing, interest calculation, group note management, and capital analysis. By means of centralized capital management of subsidiaries, the module can uniformly operate self-owned capital and credit capital of an enterprise, and help the enterprise group control capital flows, regulate the capital shortage, and reduce the capital occupation. The module enables the enterprise group to centralize its financial strength, reduce the internal capital overstock, activate the non-performing capital, lower bank loans and loan interests, reduce the extracorporeal circulation of capital, and accelerate the capital turnover. The module can either operate independently or work with e-Bank, Budget Management, Consolidated Statement, and Performance Management, to provide group enterprises with more complete and integrated financial management solutions.

 Business Workflow






The module provides the function of capital planning/check/approval/adjustment/analysis, to help the group enhance the planning for all subsidiaries' capital operations, strictly monitor the use of capital, give warning to or refuse excessive payment, and do multi-dimensional analysis for the finished transactions.

2.Capital settlement

The module provides capital management such as collection/payment, internal settlement, and capital transfer. Thus, it supports mass consignment collection/payment transactions among various subsidiaries, and supports data exchange with Cash Management of subsidiaries, to help the group implement centralized capital management/control and prevent capital risks.

3.Online settlement (refer to e-Settlement)

The module allows subsidiaries to enter, query, check, and approve Payment Notices, Collection Notices, and Internal Settlement Notes through e-Settlement module, and query the capital position of organizations registered in the settlement center. This module not only facilitates the remote payment process, but also guarantees payment security through the multi-level approval process.


4.Group capital collection and allocation

The module provides the capital collection and allocation functions, to collect revenues into the group account and transfer funds from the group account to expenditure accounts for subsidiaries. In doing so, the collecting subsidiaries shall remit the revenues to the group and their expenditures will be financed by the budget separately.

5.Investment, financing and interest management

The module provides various functions such as enterprise loan and repayment, bank loan and repayment, enterprise fixed deposit and activation, bank fixed deposit and activation, enterprise credit loan and repayment, as well as enterprise consignment loan and repayment. It supports interest calculation for all transactions according to the bank interest rate, and assists enterprises with professional financial business management, thus greatly improving the efficiency of enterprise capital management with a powerful interest calculation function.

6.Capital report and analysis

The module provides a great number of capital analysis reports and system transaction alarm reports, to help enterprises group managers learn about the execution of capital plan, account balance, deposit maturity, loan overdue, deposit/loan analysis, interest report, and other capital data.

7.Bank-enterprise interconnection

The module enables seamless connection with the four largest commercial banks of China and many joint-stock banks such as China Merchants Bank, Bank of Communications, China Everbright Bank, and CMBC via the online bank system. It directly submits Payment Notes to various bank systems for local and remote payment, receives Payment Notes of enterprises from various bank systems in real time, queries for the balance and transaction details of a bank account, and downloads Bank Reconciliation Statements. It helps groups make payment by e-bank system and query for their capital position in the bank in real time. In addition, it helps groups with centralized management of remote capital accounts.

8.Group Bills

The module can receive bills from all subsidiaries. It facilitates the group to view and manage all these bills uniformly, and learn about bills transactions in all subsidiaries in a timely manner.