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Kingdee K/3 Report is intended for the report makers of all industries. As a report-making tool similar to Excel, it provides report making, query, approval, printing, associated query, and analysis. Through flexible and rich access formulas, it helps to get data from all K/3 modules with accuracy and speed and to provide a basis for enterprise management analysis. As a basic module, it fully meets enterprise financial statement requirements specified by new accounting rules in 2006. It serves as an important component in the K/3 integrated solution and can work with any module of the K/3.

 Business Workflow





1.Practical pre-defined report templates

According to actual demands of enterprises, the module presets multiple report templates in compliance with enterprise accounting rules and national standard data interfaces, to help enterprise report makers prepare basic finance statements with ease and speed.

2.Data access

The system provides rich data access formulas, and can get transaction data (including finance accounting, budget management, supply chain, cost, and HR data) from all other K/3 modules. In addition, a wizard of access formula is provided to help report makers define reports at a fast speed.


3.Mass construction of data access formulas

The module enables automatic mass construction of data access formulas for specified data access items and accounting items. This function helps the report makers reduce repetitive work in defining a single formula and prepare the report at a fast speed.

4.Data access from multiple A/C sets

The system provides multiple A/C sets management, across-A/C sets data access, and supports central management of multiple A/C sets.

5.Mass re-calculation and timed re-calculation of reports

The module provides mass re-calculation of reports. You can do it through setting a mass re-calculate scheme. With the backend re-calculation tool, report re-calculation can be completed automatically at the specified time. Thus, it is helpful in improving resource utilization and work efficiency by avoiding tight resources at peak time.

6.Multi-sheet management and sheet summary

The module provides multi-sheet management and sheet summary. A report can have multiple sheets, and data items on different sheets are summarized automatically. The produced summary report can be added to the current report or act as a new report.


7.Report approval

To ensure accuracy and prevent errors and workload of manual approval, you can set conditions for overall approval of the reports.

8.Report printing

The module enables flexible and rich format definitions and zoom-in/out printing. These functions help you print neat reports. It also enables area printing and mass printing. You can select partial area of a report for print. You can set a mass printing scheme, so that multiple reports can be printed without opening the reports.

9.Report analysis and chart display

The module provides structure analysis, comparison analysis, and trend analysis. It can display the analysis in charts, thus providing a scientific intuitive basis for enterprise management.

10.Report authorization management

The module enables authorized management of reports. The maker of the report can authorize different rights over the report to different users as required to ensure data security.

11.Publish of reports

The module enables you to publish a report to Performance Management, and then to the mailbox of the manager. In this way, the manager can query the report through web pages or E-mails. Thus, the manager can get data with ease.