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Management Portal



Kingdee K/3 Management Portal is intended for senior managers of enterprises. Based on single sign on (SSO) of various applications of the K/3 , the module helps enterprise managers make quick and correct decisions by means of standard and graphic KPI monitoring, report analysis, instant and intelligent query covering the entire enterprise operation process, and centralized handling of daily work. The module presets special management portals for seven roles of enterprise senior managers, and provides a decision-maker-oriented performance monitoring and analysis system.

 Business Workflow





1.Using SSO to integrate applications

The module enables SSO among various applications of the K/3, so that you can have free access to Management Portal, K/3 ERP, K/3 HR, and K/3 CRM after login to Management Portal, including free access of A/C set switchover. In addition, the module supports SSO between the third-party system and the Management Portal by simple development efforts.

2.Standard reports for enterprise senior managers

The module is a multi-dimensional and standard platform target for decision-makers of each department in the enterprise. It provides standard KPIs, Daily Query Reports, Comprehensive Analysis Reports, and other reports generated based on the analysis model designer, to improve performance management of enterprises and assist managers with analysis and decision-making. Various indices and reports of Management Portal involve many functional areas, such as finance, SCM, production, cost, CRM, and HR.

3.Preset management portals for different roles of senior managers

The module presets specific management portals for seven key roles of enterprise senior managers (general manager, financial director, sales director, production director, purchase director, SCM director, and HR director) according to their different management area focuses. You can use this module upon installation without learning, and experience the management revolution brought by Management Portal.

4.Strong intelligent query engine

The module provides nine intelligent queries covering the entire life cycle, to help managers address problems rapidly. Nine intelligent query elements are: customer, vendor, material, PO, SO, MO, Subcontract MO, organization unit (HR), and employee (HR).

5.Information integration

The module provides an integrated platform to receive and deal with tasks, alarm information, and common information from the K/3 ERP, K/3 HR, K/3 CRM, and other third-party systems. In the information center, you can directly deal with a K/3 HR task without going to other modules, to ensure internal integration and coordination between this module and other modules and improve the daily working efficiency. In addition, messages from the information center can serve as internal e-mails to ensure fast and convenient communication inside enterprises.

6.Visualized and personalized customer experience

The UI layout of Management Portal can be self-defined by users. This feature supports the concept of private management portal fully to bring in the personalized customer experience.