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General Ledger



As the core information system of financial management, Kingdee K/3 General Ledger is intended for financial personnel of various enterprises and non-profit organizations. Based on voucher handling, it implements accounting functions (such as voucher handling, voucher provision and amortization, auto-transfer, foreign exchange adjustment, and profit & loss carrying forward) and financial management (such as account budget, account interest bearing, transaction accounting, and Cash Flow Statement). With its distinct accounting item function, this module enables refined transactions accounting of enterprises. In addition, it provides rich accounting books and financial statements, to help the enterprise management team know enterprise financial and operational conditions in time. It fully meets various enterprise accounting requirements specified by new accounting rules in 2006. It can either run independently or work with other modules like Report, Payroll Management, Cash Management, Fixed Assets Management, Accounts Receivable, and Accounts Payable to provide complete and integrated financial management solution.

 Business Workflow






1.Multi-dimensional auxiliary accounting and analysis

The module provides A/C auxiliary accounting and sets diversified accounting items under the A/C. In addition, it provides rich accounting items, accounting books and statements, to help enterprises record operations and do accounting in an all-round and detailed way so as to make comprehensive management analysis.


2.Auto-transfer setting

The module provides a template for auto-transfer setting, and automatically generates transfer vouchers within the specified time through background agent services, to help financial personnel of enterprises improve the working efficiency.

3.Voucher provision and amortization

The module provides voucher provision and amortization, and allows you to query amortization and provision reports. In addition, automatic operation is available through background agent services, to help enterprises amortize and withhold various expenses.

4.EoP foreign exchange adjustment

The module provides EoP foreign exchange adjustment, to help enterprises automatically calculate exchange profits & losses, and generate exchange profit & loss transfer vouchers as well as EoP Exchange Rate Adjustment. In addition, it allows you to query exchange rate changes of various currencies through the Foreign Exchange Adjustment History.

5.EoP profit & loss carried forward

The module carries forward profits and losses, and supports EoP profit & loss carried forward by accounting items of a specified type, to help enterprises account operation achievements from different perspectives.

6.Multiple adjustment periods

The module provides multiple adjustment periods, and allows you to enter, query and post adjustment period vouchers, so that enterprises can enter accounting adjustment entries of last year without de-close in annual report auditing. This helps enterprises reserve auditing tracks rapidly and in detail.

7.Account interest calculation

The module provides account interest calculation to calculate the account product and interest, thus helping enterprises calculate capital opportunity costs, and make capital time value management.

8.Account budget control

The module provides account budget management, to control the budget during voucher entry. It can be integrated with Budget Management, to help enterprises make more complex budget management and control.

9.Cash Flow Statement preparation

The module allows you to specify cash flows during voucher entry and mass specify cash flows through T-account. It generates the main segments and supplemental schedule of the Cash Flow Statement automatically. It supports query for the Cash Flow Statement by various levels or currencies. Therefore, it helps enterprises prepare a Cash Flow Statement in a fast and accurate manner, and enforce capital management.


10.Transaction accounting and aging analysis

The module can write off transactions by quantity or amount, and make accurate aging calculation by period, to help enterprises enhance transaction accounts management and improve the capital control level.

11.Powerful accounting book and statement query

The module provides strong query for accounting books and statements. It supports cross-period query, query for data of later period, and combined query for multi-item subsidiary ledger. It can make trace query from the general ledger, subsidiary ledger, to the voucher, thus helping enterprises query and analyze financial information.

12.Seamless integration with other modules

The module provides interfaces with other modules of K/3, to directly generate vouchers and send them to General Ledger, and make related query between documents and vouchers. Therefore, it helps enterprises make integrated management of finance and business.