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Fixed Assets Management



Kingdee K/3 Fixed Assets Management is intended for assets managers of enterprises. Based on fixed assets card, it can build a comprehensive fixed assets book. The key functions include handling the transaction of purchasing new fixed assets, changing fixed assets or disposing fixed assets and handling accounting job of fix assets depreciation provision and allocation. It helps managers manage fixed assets in many ways and do accounting for fixed assets. With the module, you can understand assets quantities and values, trace the usage of assets, strengthen your assets management, and improve assets utilization. It fully meets various requirements for fixed assets transactions (such as investment-based real estate and depreciation reserve) specified by new accounting rules in 2006. It can either run independently or work with Equipment Management and General Ledger to provide overall and comprehensive asset management solution.

  Business Workflow






1.Multi-dimension and multi-level management

The module is capable of multi-dimension and multi-level management. It manages master data, such as the change mode, status in use, asset category, and storage location, in a multi-level tree structure. It enables aggregate query of fixed assets by category and level, thus meeting the requirements of enterprises for multi-dimension and multi-level management of fixed assets.

2.Multiple assets book management

The module supports multi-accounting book management. You can record the original value, service life, depreciation method, and other information in different assets books, and automatically synchronize fixed assets card information among them. In addition, you can make provision for depreciation by assets book then compare and analyze multiple assets books to provide calculation grounds for taxation declaration or other reports required in accordance with foreign GAAP.

3.Customization of fixed assets card

You can customize fixed assets card based on the pre-defined 26 categories. The module provides custom fields to meet your specific requirements in fixed assets information.

4.Customization of depreciation methods

The module provides common fixed assets depreciation methods, such as the straight-line method, unit of production method, double declining balance method and sum-of-the-years-digits method. You can also customize a depreciation method for special assets in your enterprise. In addition, the module supports several dynamic depreciation methods, including the dynamic double balance depreciation method, dynamic sum-of-the-years-digits method and dynamic workload method. These methods ensure the continuous depreciation across periods without changing the original accelerated depreciation method when there is any change in the original value, cumulative depreciation value or service life of fixed assets.


5.Transaction Handling of fixed assets

The module provides complete processes to handle the transactions related to fixed assets. It enables an enterprise to purchase, dispose, and change all kinds of investment-based real estate and fixed assets, and to automatically make provision for depreciation and allocate the depreciation expense. Vouchers are directly generated and transmitted to General Ledger to complete the accounting of fixed assets.

6.Query and analysis of fixed assets reports

You can query fixed assets information by different criteria such as the department, category, storage location, economical use, change method, and status in use. The module helps an enterprise analyze statistical depreciation expenses and costs of fixed assets so it can make scientific decisions for fixed assets investment and maintenance.


7.Import/Export of fixed assets card

The module enables you to import or export fixed assets card. You can prepare data in Excel and import them to the module. This function simplifies operations, accelerates implementation, and reduces application risks.

8.Management of fixed assets in non-profit organizations

The module provides the No Depreciation Provision parameter. It can handle the provision and write-off of purchasing and repair fund specifically set up for non-profit organizations. In addition, the module can provide functions of querying and reports for purchasing and repair fund to meet specific requirements of handling fixed assets in non-profit organizations in accordance with Chinese GAAP.

9.Flexible application mode

The module can run independently or work with General Ledger. It can be used by the finance department for fixed assets accounting, or used by the fixed assets management department to handle the daily transactions.