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Daily Cost Management



Kingdee K/3 Daily Cost Management is intended for industrial enterprises that need to calculate and analyze production costs in real time. The module enables costing in any period (day, week, or ten days), instead of the traditional cost calculation period of one month, provides dynamic cost information in a more flexible, timely and accurate manner, and shortens production cost assessment and control period, so that enterprises can find out management problems and take measures in time, and enhance daily cost control. The module often works with Actual Costing.

Business Workflow






1.Custom costing period

The module allows you to customize an actual costing period for a product. With this function, you can make cost calculation by day, week, ten days, or custom days, to help enterprises shorten the costing period and enhance the speed and accuracy of cost calculation.


2.Cost data collection

The module can collect the production output and expenses of a product. By seamless integration with Manufacturing and Finance systems, the module can rapidly collect and automatically sort out master data (such as the input quantity, finished product, scrap, WIP, service, and work-hour), and categorize material costs, labor costs, and overheads rationally, to help enterprises improve the accuracy and efficiency of data collection.

3.Cost expense allocation

The module provides users with the functions of actual production cost allocation, such as inter-department joint consumption allocation, material cost allocation, and overhead allocation in terms of custom cost calculation period. It allocates joint consumption automatically, manually, or through the wizard according to reasonable allocation standards, and offers various expense allocation reports, to help enterprises allocate cost expenses rapidly, and realize rational and transparent allocation.

4.Daily cost calculation

The module provides validity check of cost calculation and a cost calculation wizard. According to the custom cost calculation period, it automatically checks the entire cost calculation process, analyzes each problem intelligently and gives users the best solution, to help enterprises perform product cost calculation, reduce the vulnerability to errors and improve the accounting efficiency and accuracy.

5.Daily cost calculation report

The module provides users with rich cost reports such as Daily Costing Sheet, Daily Material Costing Sheet, and Batch Cost Summary, to provide multi-dimensional cost analysis for decision-making, thus helping enterprises set up a cost analysis control system and improve cost management in an all-around way.


6.Scrap loss handling

The module deals with scrap losses in an all-around way. It can distinguish repairable and unrepairable scraps, independently collect and allocate repair expenses, automatically calculate scrap losses, support quality cost analysis, and deduct corresponding cost items when entering claim data for scrap to define the quality assurance responsibility clearly.