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Cost Analysis



Kingdee K/3 Cost Analysis is intended for costing personnel of financial departments and managers of other departments in industrial enterprises. The module, dependent on Actual Costing, sets up a complete cost management system. The module covers the entire workflow from standard cost data entry, cost calculation, to cost variance analysis, and provides functions such as cost forecast, cost assessment models, cost-volume-profit analysis tools, and pricing decision management policies. It helps enterprises set up a complete cost management system covering cost forecast, costing, cost control, and statistics analysis reports, so as to reduce production costs in an all-around way. It can work with PDM, MO Management, and Inventory Management.

Business Workflow





1.Standard costing

The module provides standard costing of products, and supports the costing methods of the standard cost system. It can rapidly determine, by means of entry or import, the material standard U/P, standard work-hour, standard wage rate, variable overhead allocation rate, fixed overhead budget, and standard output related to standard costs. In addition, it supports standard cost calculation based on cost items, and offers complete cost calculation reports, to assist enterprises with accurate and efficient standard costing.


2.Cost variance analysis

The module can analyze the difference between actual costs and standard costs. It compares and analyzes quantities and amounts of products, and explodes them by BOM, to make volume & profit variance analysis reports by various cost items, thus helping enterprises enhance cost control.


3.Standard unit cost analysis

The module calculates product standard unit costs not depending on actual outputs, and provides multiple schemes to compare and analyze product standard unit costs, to help enterprises forecast costs before production, analyze cost variance due to production data changes, optimize the product structure, and improve the competitive advantages.

4.Responsibility assessment

The module provides cost responsibility analysis, and sorts out actual costing results by different responsible entities in terms of various cost items, to help enterprises establish the responsibility system for cost management.

5.Cost forecast

The module provides several calculation methods, including the moving average method and chronological moving average method, to analyze historical data of actual costs and forecast production cost in this period. It also provides cost forecast analysis reports for variance analysis, to assist enterprises with scientific cost forecast and its moving trend in this period. Meanwhile, this module can provide you with order cost forecast to help you determine the profitability of an order.

6.Pricing decision management

The module enables intelligent setting of pricing decision formulas and pricing decision units, based on which pricing decision schemes can be produced. 36 schemes can be pre-defined. Each scheme can generate corresponding sales quotations to help the enterprise in sales pricing decisions.

7.Cost-volume-profit analysis

The module provides two cost-volume-profit analysis models: breakeven analysis and target profit analysis, to calculate the breakeven point and the sales revenue required to reach the scheduled profit.