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Consolidated Statement



Kingdee K/3 Consolidated Statement is intended for group financial managers. The module provides functions such as master data maintenance, data collection, report approval adjustment, and consolidation and analysis. With the module, enterprises can build a organization structure-based platform for finance and management reports. The module can collect management information from all levels of the group quickly, make adjustment and write-off for internal transactions, formulate Consolidated Statements and summary reports for the group, and make these reports show overall group operation timely and accurately. The module fully complies with the requirements for report consolidation of new accounting standards in 2006. It can run independently or work with Cash Management, Budget Management, Performance Management, and other modules, to provide more complete finance management solution to groups.

Business Workflow




1.Centralized storage of report data for a group

As members of a group scatter geographically in many regions and the network topology is rather complicated, the module supports both online and offline report formulation. The online report formulation transmits data through the network, while the offline report formulation through files. Whatever the transmission mode is, report data are stored in the group. Because members may not use the same applications, the module can closely integrate with the Kingdee K/3 ERP system or run independently.

2.Management of consolidation schemes

You can select the member in the members list to design different consolidation schemes. Consolidated Statements can be formulated from different analysis dimensions (such as legal affairs, industries, regions, and divisions) to comply with different management requirements. The consolidation scheme can also be changed, archived, and managed in versions to meet the requirements of group enterprises for management changes and long-term development.

3.Dynamic statistic reports

The module enables data collection and summary of dynamic statistic reports. It is specially designed for statistics, summary, and analysis of various management statistic reports. With it, the group enterprise can get the operation statistics more quickly and accurately, thus having a sound basis for decision-making.


4.Automatic flash report

In the case of centralized storage of group data, the module can automatically read data from the K/3 ERP database of the subsidiary, make reports, summarize and consolidate reports, and distribute reports by e-mails. This function enables group managers obtain key finance and transaction data in time, and reduce decision-making risks.

5.Pre-report checks

The module supports many pre-report checks, such as abnormal difference check, inter-form data accuracy check, and intra-form data accuracy check, to ensure accurate report data and give warning of abnormalities.

6.Conversion of foreign currencies

In strict accordance with the accounting method of foreign currency conversion, the module can convert different report items with different exchange rates by managing the exchange rate system and defining the conversion scheme, to meet the requirements of group enterprises for international operation.

7.Adjustment of report data

The module enables entry adjustment, to help you adjust report data of a subsidiary. It also provides entry template adjustment, to simplify manual entry.

8.Publishing management of report information

The module enables you to manage comments of report items and to publish the information of the whole report, thus simplifying information publishing for report makers.

9.Automatic check and write-off of internal transactions

The module enables you to check internal transaction and internal investment data, and supports automatic write-off for internal transactions, thus helping groups reduce their workload for Consolidated Statement, and ensure correct Consolidated Statement data.

10.Report preparation workflow management

The module provides functions such as navigation for Consolidated Statements, query for reporting states of some reports, and prompts by e-mails and short text messages. With this module, headquarter of a group can effectively manage the entire report formulation workflow and improve the efficiency of Consolidated Reports.