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Consolidated Accounts



Kingdee K/3 Consolidated Accounts is intended for group financial managers. The module provides the function of consolidating several sets of account data in branches/subsidiaries of an enterprise group, to assist the group with data query and analysis in time, and to help the group headquarter know the operating status of each branch/subsidiary clearly and correctly. In addition, the module supports internal transaction reconciliation inside the group, helping various branches/subsidiaries reconcile internal transactions. The module can work with General Ledger, Capital Management, Budget Management, Consolidated Statements, Performance Management, and other management modules, to provide more complete finance management solution to groups.

Business Workflow





1.Uniform preparation of group master data and accounting system

The module provides uniform management of master data such as group organization, group account item, group management accounting item, and accounting system control parameter. In addition, the module releases the data to the database of each branch based on some templates, to help the group uniformly standardize accounting and management of daily accounts in the branches.


2.Transaction reconciliation

The module supports transaction reconciliation among internal units of a group. Thus, each branch can export its own reconciliation data and import reconciliation data from other internal branches. In addition, according to the pre-defined reconciliation rules, the module implements reconciliation of internal transactions. This helps the group know the group financial status in time and provides the data source for contra journal entries.

3.Account consolidation

Through the preset rules, the module can consolidate account data of all branches into the group database centrally at any time or periodically (branches can also report their account data to the group). After automatic write-off, headquarter of a group can get the integrated financial data of the group in time, which is convenient for the group to trace and query data and do overall financial analysis.

4.Automatic write-off of internal transactions in the group

On the basis of the account data after consolidation, the module can collect the internal transactions according to the preset rules and automatically generate the consolidation contra journal entry, thus reflecting the real financial status of the group.

5.Query and analysis of financial data of the group

Detailed voucher data from all branches is consolidated into the group database. Thus, the group can query and analyze various financial data, and audit the accounts in detail. In addition, this module can work with Performance Management to provide online analysis for group decision-makers, or in-depth business intelligent analysis with the help of a third-party BI tool.