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Cash Management



Kingdee K/3 Cash Management is intended for cashiers and fund managers in the financial departments of enterprises. It manages enterprises’ cash and bank deposit transactions in an all-around way, including cash, bank deposit, note, transaction settlement, and cash flow forecast, and outputs the corresponding capital analysis reports in a timely manner. In accordance with the income/expenditure information that the cashier enters in the module, the accountant automatically generates vouchers and transfers them to General Ledger. This helps the enterprises monitor the capital turnover and shortage situations, master the company’s financial pulse in time, and speed up the capital turnover. This module can either operate independently or work with General Ledger, A/R, A/P, and e-Bank, to provide enterprises with more complete and integrated capital management solutions.

Business Workflow





1.Several journal handling modes

The module provides three journalizing modes: importing journals from General Ledger, double-check journalizing, and manual entry of journals. This helps the enterprises flexibly manage the cash in different levels.


2.Bank deposit and cash reconciliation

The module provides such functions as entry and import of bank reconciliation, reconciliation between cash journal and general ledger/physical counting amount, and reconciliation between bank deposit journal and general ledger/bank reconciliation, which ensures the consistency between the actual cash and cash in account book.


3.Statistics of amounts in both original currency and reporting currency

The module provides statistics of amounts in both original currency and reporting currency, and journals of accounts in foreign currency display amounts in both foreign currency and reporting currency, to help enterprises with foreign currency transactions well know current capital position.

4.Note management

The module manages 14 collection notes and 13 payment notes, such as cheques and bills of exchange, helping users manage all the notes in daily transactions.

5.Cheque management

The module provides the function of purchasing, picking, reimbursing, canceling, checking, writing off, viewing, previewing, and printing payment cheques, which helps the cashiers keep track of the picking/purchasing/storing statistic status of payment cheques and enhances the enterprise cheque management.

6.Automatic generation of vouchers

The module provides the function of automatically generating vouchers based on the notes, cash journals, and bank deposit journals and transferring them to General Ledger, which helps the financial personnel reduce mistakes and improve the working efficiency.

7.Capital report query

The module provides many reports such as Daily Capital Report, Capital Position Sheet, Bank Deposit Balance Adjustment, and Long-term in Transit Account.

8.Transaction settlement management

The module manages the entire capital settlement workflow of enterprises, supports close integration with Kingdee K/3 A/R and A/P, and implements integrated applications from SCM (Purchase Management and Sales Management), to A/R and A/P, to Cash Management, to e-Bank, thus ensuring strict control of enterprise capital.

9.Integration with e-Bank

The module can be integrated with e-Bank, to realize seamless connection with the four largest commercial banks of China, and many joint-stock banks such as China Merchants Bank, Bank of Communications, China Everbright Bank, and CMBC. It can also receive Collection Notes from external banks in real time, and then submit Payment Notes to external banks via e-Bank, to synchronize enterprise capital information with banks and improve the capital transaction handling efficiency.

10.Cash flow forecast

By collecting data of Sales Management, Purchase Management, A/R, A/P, and Budget Management, the module can forecast future cash flow and cash stock of enterprises, to help enterprises keep away from payment crises and enhance capital using plan.