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Cash Flow Statement



Kingdee K/3 Cash Flow Statement is intended for financial personnel in various enterprises and non-profit organizations. By means of splitting vouchers, it provides a direct method and an indirect method to prepare Cash Flow Statements. It fully complies with the requirements of new accounting rules for Cash Flow Statements, helping enterprises and non-profit organizations scientifically, rapidly, and accurately prepare Cash Flow Statements, and rapidly obtain cash flow information at any time. It shall be integrated with General Ledger.


Business Workflow





1.Multi-scheme management

The module provides powerful multi-scheme management of cash flow, and supports several schemes and different Cash Flow Statements for one A/C set. Specifically, the module can generate Cash Flow Statements for specific currencies or specific time points, which satisfies different cash flow management requirements.

2.Automatic voucher extraction and split

The module provides the function of extracting and splitting vouchers automatically to create one-to-one mapping. Based on the mapping, cash flow category can be determined.


The module provides T-account management, helping enterprises determine cash flow direction and cash flow category through the T-account of cash category accounts.


4.Support compilation of supplementary schedule

The module provides the function of compilation of supplementary schedule in cash flow statement. It takes indirect-method principle and lists all those items which need to change automatically based on net profit margin so that enterprises can prepare a supplementary schedule of Cash Flow Statement rapidly and conveniently.

5.Voucher query

The module provides the function of querying splitted vouchers based on combined conditions, which helps financial personnel trace back vouchers rapidly and accurately and check the Cash Flow Statement.

6.Cash Flow Statement preparation

The module provides the functions of preparing a Cash Flow Statement and presetting or modifying its format. After specifying a cash flow item, the module can directly generate a primary Cash Flow Statement. In addition, it can adjust the items related to the net profit to get the cash flow data in operating activities. This helps enterprises prepare cash flow data rapidly and accurately in many methods.