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ABiC Corporate Control Portal



ABiC Corporate Control Portal

ABiC Corporate Controlling Portal is Web based reporting tool integrated with Kingdee K/3 system, with drill down capabilities that increases visibility and improves insight at all levels of your business down to the transaction level, and provide detailed audit trails.

Key Features

Web Based Viewing

Reports for both statutory reporting and management controlling purposes can be defined and presented at Web portal, viewed by web browser from anywhere in the world, with the business data extracted from Kingdee K/3 system in real-time.

Standard reports available

Standard accounting/controlling reports, which serve common statutory and management controlling purposes, would be defined and used, and sold as standard licenses. 

Company-specific customization reports

Company specific reports for idiosyncratic management applications unique to particular client can be defined and developed in case-by-case fashion as customizations.

Good Usability

The usability of reporting/controlling portal is excellent. Users, as controllers of companies, can start to use the portal to get her reports by intuition with zero training.

Drill-down Capabilities

The reports would support data presentations at macro/summarized level, as well as drilling down functions to enable controllers to seek and pinpoint deeper roots of the identified problem.

Presentation in both reports and graphic charts

Extracted data can be presented both by drill-down reports and graphic charts, achieving greater visibility for managers.