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Kingdee K/3 Solutions



Costing Management


Through product integration, the cost management solution developed by Kingdee can help enterprises establish the cost management system which includes cost forecast, accounting, control, analysis, and assessment in production, storage, and purchase. Thus, on the one hand, the system can facilitate operation control and performance evaluation by the management based on accurate statistical analysis and disclosed cost information. On the other hand, the system contributes to planning, process control, and result analysis in cost management. The system supports two accounting methods: standard and actual cost accounting


Business Process and Modular Functionalities

  • Cost Forecast

  • The system can analyze historical accounting data of actual production cost by using the moving average method and chronological moving average method. Then the system forecasts production cost and performs difference analysis according to the cost forecast and analysis form. It also provides the function of intelligent setting of pricing decision formulas and units, and then generates pricing decision solutions accordingly. The system presets 36 solutions. According to each solution, decisions for quotation can be made and quotations can be provided. 
  • Actual Cost Management

  • The system provides the function of accounting of actual production cost. It supports multiple cost accounting methods such as product costing, process costing, batch methods, and classification methods. Additionally, the system can integrate with other systems, collect output and expenses quickly and automatically, and provides flexible expense allocation and wizard cost calculation methods as well as optimized cost calculation reports. For products to which the batch determination method is applied, the system tracks actual production cost, including tracking of expense collection and allocation, and cost calculation results. The system supports cost accounting for scrap, joint-products and by-products. Additionally, the system can generate vouchers for process documents according to the voucher template and transfer them to the G/L.