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Human Resource Management


The solution can help enterprises apply their organizational capability that contributes to the implementation of corporate strategies to HR management and build planned HR management modes based on strategic development to ensure the consistence between organizational and corporate strategic directions. Additionally the solution can build up enterprises' organization capability by improving staff management and staff abilities, and guiding staff to promote the implementation of corporate strategic targets.

Business Process and Modular Functionalities

  • Business Process and Modular FunctionalitiesThe system can integrate information on organizational structure, jobs, positions, and staff through the organization planning system and the staff management system to provide master data for performance and salary management.
  • The system can help enterprises establish competence index libraries through the competence model. Then the system compares the indexes in the libraries and core competence required for relevant positions, and provides reports on the variance between actual and required competence. The reports serve as references for enterprises in terms of personnel affairs, recruitment, training, and performance management.
  • Through the recruitment and selection modules, the system can help enterprises complete the recruitment and selection process that involves HR planning and recruitment demand collection as well as plan formulation, implementation, and summary. Additionally, the system can carry out training activities including training demand collection as well as training plan formulation, implementation, assessment, and summary through the training development module. The purpose is to standardize corporate management.
  • Through the performance management module, the system can complete the performance management process which involves performance plan formulation and release, performance process management, performance evaluation, and performance summary. Additionally, the system supports various kinds of performance evaluation methods, such as save BSC, KPI, and 360-degree performance feedback to improve target and process management of organizations and staff.
  • The system can help enterprises manage the entire salary-related activities including the establishment of the salary system, salary definition and adjustment, salary accounting, and salary release through the salary design module, the salary accounting module, and the social insurance and benefit module.
  • Through the attendance maintenance module, the system can meet complicated and variable business demands such as staff work planning, HR cost control, real-time leave quota control, leave request processing, and real-time centralized calculation of non-local original attendance data, which can improve the overall efficiency of the system.
  • Through the report platform, the system enables the HR department to submit reports to decision makers regularly, reports geared to internal assessment, non-standard reports for monitoring by pre-warning, basic reports for daily management, and overall reports for decision analysis.
  • The system help corporate decision makers and operators carry out, communicate about, and monitor HR-related activities through the collaborative application of "My Workbench', the executive platform, CEO platform. The purpose is to implement the HR management strategy among all staff.