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Kingdee K/3 Solutions



Advanced Manufacturing Management


Through functions such as customer demand management, MPS, MRP, and alternative material policies and based on product structure and real-time inventory data, the solution can transfer customer demands to manufacturing, procurement, and outsourcing plans, and generate MOs, purchase requests, and subcontract MOs. All these orders will serve as the basis for the operation of production and procurement departments and contribute to internal collaboration among production, supply, and sales. Meanwhile, the system can break the barrier to external collaboration through processing trade network interfaces, interfaces with the PDM module, and interfaces between enterprises and banks.


Business Process and Modular Functionalities

Product data management: The system can provide master material data and manage BOMs, including configuration BOM and featured BOM. The system also supports routing management, engineering change management, and material substitution.
Sales management: The system can process orders, delivery, goods return, invoices, and payment collection. It also processes various sales activities involving on credit sales, prices, discounts, and sales promotion to help enterprises manage logistics, capital flow, and information flow effectively during the entire sales process.