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Finance Management


Kingdee develops the solution to help enterprises build financial management and control systems comprehensively. The purpose is to help enterprises get a profound understanding of overall corporate operation situations from a financial perspective, and reduce financial and business risks through integrated financial management systems like financial accounting, fixed assets management, current account management, and capital management.


Business Process and Modular Functionalities

The system presets chart of accounts, financial statements (Statement of changes in owner‘ s (Stockholders ' ) Equity is added), and provides a variety of inventory pricing methods according to the new Accounting Standards for Business Enterprises. It also provides options such as "The reverse of depreciation reserves is not allowed" and regulates the handling of fixed assets depreciation reserves. Additionally, the system provides tools to help enterprises shift from old to new accounting standards seamlessly. The system supports the management of multiple accounting books across multiple accounting periods to satisfy foreign customers' requirements for financial management in China.
G/L management: The system provides accounting functions, such as voucher processing, withhold and amortization, auto-transfer, foreign exchange adjustment, and carry forward profit and loss. All these functions revolve around voucher processing. The system also provides financial management functions such as budgetary accounts, calculation of accrued interest, current accounting, and cash flow tables. With the unique function of analysis items, the system can facilitate lean accounting of various businesses. Additionally, the system delivers diversified accounting books and financial reports to help corporate executives learn about corporate financial and business operation in time.
Report management: With the operating methods similar to those for E-spreadsheets, the report generation tool in the system supports report generation, query, review, and printing as well as related query of G/L and subsidiary ledgers up to voucher and report analysis, and report release. Through flexible and richly available access formulas, the system can help enterprises access data from K/3 ERP modules accurately and rapidly to provide basis for corporate management analysis.