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Kingdee K/3 is a mature and comprehensive ERP system which can deliver application solutions ranging from financial accounting, Human Resource, trading business SCM management to production and costing management for manufacturing companies. The system consists of modular subsystems which can be purchased and implemented separately while are fully integrated with each other.

K/3 ERP system features

  • Flagship product line of Kingdee software, with 13 years application history and a vast number of references
  • English/Chinese Bi-lingual interface
  • Fully integrated, modular system structure, including finance, supply-chain, CRM, manufacturing, HR, BI sub-systems, applicable for both trading and production companies
  • Fully complies with Chinese accounting and business regulations
  • Well-designed features specifically fulfill the western management requirements (eg. Standard Costing)
  • A large quantity of foreign reference customers
  • Easy to learn for Chinese users and fast implementation