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Drawing upon many years of experiences in helping foreign companies implementing ERP systems here in China, we synthesized insights of knowledge and best practice in the following areas:

Issues of book keeping and financial reporting for Chinese operation

The following 5 documents describe commonly encountered problems by foreign companies in accounting practice, including some most important particularities of the PRC GAAP, as well as global accounting requirements. At the same time Kingdee solutions to these requirements are presented.

Kingdee K/3's internal control funtions, in accordance with SARBANES-OXLEY section 404.

Tips to pick out the right ERP system and capable service provider for your China operation

This article specifically examines issues relevant to the selection of ERP product and vendor in China, and provides valuable advices on how to avoid un-expected results.

Is it as easy to apply standard costing to control the operation in China as in my home country?

Standard costing is the critical tool used by foreign managers to control the production operation. However, to get standard costing system realized in your China manufacturing operation poses special challenges. What are they and how to overcome these obstacles?

Tips and Traps of implementing ERP system for your China operation.