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Import & export issues

For companies involved in import and/or export businesses, they are usually faced with the following issues:

  • HS code: It is the abbreviation of Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System. HS code is an internationally accepted code for material classification and description and is required by all governments’ customs bureau.
    Kingdee system provides HS code maintenance and carries this code on all import/export related documents.

Example for a HS-code:  848210  Ball Bearings

HS code and other import/export related master data maintenance

  • Customs declaration & liquidation/clearance: When goods arrive at the customs for import/export, the owner needs to submit a series of documents to the customs bureau for the goods to be checked and cleared. 

This is usually a set of very complicated procedures and most companies would choose to outsource a professional agent company to handle all these. However, Kingdee can provide most of the required documents in required format for customs declaration and clearance, eg. B/L, packing list, commercial invoice, etc.

Import order maintenance: basic info, payment info, transportation insurance, clauses, contact info, etc.

Import document maintenance: invoice, bill of lading, insurance commission, customs clearance, etc.

Packing list maintenance


  •  Tax refund: It is an international convention that for exported goods, the exporter can claim part or all of the domestically paid taxes back according to relevant tax regulations.  


Kingdee provides necessary documents, eg. export contract, proforma invoice, input VAT invoice, customs clearance document, etc. to be printed out and submitted for tax refund. Kingdee accommodates tax account codes for booking of tax refund transactions as well.

  • Bonded materials management: If a material is purchased from overseas and is to be sold overseas or to be used in the production of goods to be exported, i.e. entrepot trade, this material can be customs duty free and should be stored in a special area, i.e. bonded warehouse. Once a bonded material is moved out of the bonded warehouse or used for domestic sales, it should go through a complete set of import procedures.

For management of bonded materials, Kingdee team has abundant experience to suggest solutions for different customers’ complicated requirements. For instance, bonded material and non-bonded material, which are physically the same, can be separated by different part numbers and therefore totally separate costing. Or for the convenience of BOM maintenance, they can also have the same part number but kept in different warehouse or/and have different lot number and Kingdee can apply different cost valuation accordingly as well.